Swimming Pool Sand Filter System

Production Capacity: 50000 PCS/Year
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Swimming Pool Sand Filter System

Product Description

The Swimming Pool Sand Filter System. Made by advanced technology, the glossy sand filter series appeared quiet smooth and bright, the surface has UV-proof function, which can also withstand acid, alkalis and high temperature. As a new produced environment-friendly product, it's really the first choice for any swimming pools.

So far, most of the swimming pool uses traditional sand filter, it filled by quartz inside as the filter media to prevent water suspended substance and impurity into the pool. Given that traditional sand filters cleaning itself by reversing the flow and use backwash to flush dirty from valve, but it can not completely discharge the dirty on the bottom. In fact it did harms to the water quality and affect human health.

The glossy sand filter series was based in Japanese technology, an electro motion blender added in the bottom to strength backwash, filter media made by 2 parts, namely diatomaceous earth in water and colophony float on the water. Affected by electro motion blender, filter media mixed and formed a water-course to separate the impurity.

So it's more completely purifying the swimming pool water.

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